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Production Process For a Documentary (workflow)

After doing over 100 documentary videos, a basic process flow has emerged that we follow for most of those videos. This is the process we basically follow.

Understanding the Story (Research): During the pre-production phase, we will sit down with the Key Staff to learn how to best structure each video.

Create a Pre-Shoot Interview Guiding Questions/ Shot List: Because these videos will be based on actual events, we have no way of ably anticipating what the different interviewees will say or do. But, in order to maintain some structure, we come up with targeted guiding questions that each interviewee should answer that are in line with the objectives of the video.

Filming: This will involve conducting all the interviews in the appropriate setting to ably explain the objectives of each video, the impact created, and achievements over the years.

Post Production/ Editing: When we get to the editing process, we put a lot of time into finding the right flow of interviews and accompanying footage to best showcase the different activities for the different videos.

Voice-over production is also done at this stage to piece the different aspects/ stages the organization has gone through in a logical order. Appropriate background music is also selected at this stage.

This is the basic workflow for a documentary video.

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